Q. Why do I need a bookkeeper?

A. The main benefit to hiring a bookkeeper is that it frees you up to concentrate on your business as your bookkeeper takes care of all your monthly transactions, budgets, pays bills and really anything relating to ongoing financial.  Bookkeepers costs for the year are often almost wiped out by the tax savings their bookkeeper discovers for them.

Q. Why can’t my accountant do my bookkeeping as well as my year end accounts?

A.  Your accountant can do your bookkeeping although a lot of accountants prefer not to as their main area of expertise is normally in tax planning, keeping up to date with legislation and ensuring timely submission to HMRC.  Accountants will normally charge you the same rate per hour whether they are doing your bookkeeping or your year end accounts.

Q. What do you charge per hour?

A. We charge £25.00 +VAT per hour and will calculate the average hours per month and invoice you monthly so you can spread the cost.

Q. What services do you provide?

A. We will deal with the day to day transactions, sales invoices, purchase invoices, bank statement  transactions. We will reconcile your bank account, prepare VAT returns and administer your payroll.  We will also provide you with monthly Profit & Loss reports and Balance Sheet reports.

Q. What geographical areas do you cover?

A.  In this age of technology we can cover the entire globe.

Q. Will I have to bring my receipts and other paperwork to you?

A.  No, you can either post them to us or you can scan them and send them direct to our Dropbox.  We actually prefer for our clients to keep any originals in case they need to refer to them.

Q. How often will you send me reports?

A.  As often as you would like although it would normally be once a month.

Q. Can you visit me at my office?

A.  We are happy to visit you at your office although to maximise both our time and yours we would suggest any meetings over Zoom or conference calls.